Hulu vs. Netflix: Which Streaming Service Should You Choose?

With a vast range of available streaming options like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, two of them are most popular. Hulu and Netflix are the most popular streaming services across the world. Despite being a popular platform, they differ in the content library. Hulu offers a collection of ongoing TV shows, and Netflix offers a larger collection of movies and TV shows. One of the disadvantages of Hulu Plus is ads, and Netflix does not include that.

Availability: Netflix vs. Hulu

Netflix is offered in most of the world. It is available for subscription in approx 190 countries. Whereas Hulu is only offered in the U.S and also on U.S. military bases. Analyzing the status of Hulu indicates it will not be available to other markets anytime soon. 

If you reside in Europe, Australia, Canada, or any country outside of the U.S., then you should pick Netflix. And yes, you can get access to Hulu in other ways, but it can be a hassle. You will need a credit or debit card to stream issued by a financial institution based in the U.S. If you can avoid restrictions or manage to access it, you must acquire a good VPN service. However, Hulu usually blocks the users from accessing the account by VPN. 

Device Support: Which one is compatible with whom?

Well, this is great news for people, as both of the streaming services are available on different devices. For Instance, game consoles, iOS, Android, and media streamers like Fire TV, Roku, and some smart TV as well. Hulu wins here with one more point. Netflix is not available on Nintendo, but Hulu does. 

Netflix and Hulu: Content Library

Netflix: Content library determines the worth of any streaming service available. And also increases subscriptions of Hulu and Netflix accordingly. Both of them offer a range of TV shows and movies to watch, but with different quality. Netflix is especially popular for original streaming content. For instance, Narcos, Stranger Things, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and others. As usual, original content does not guarantee quality. 

Hulu: Hulu offers primarily includes TV shows and a smaller range of movies. But its offers are unique, as it offers episodes within a day or week of original airing. The best part of Hulu is, it offers live TV channels from major networks like Fox, ABC, ION TV, Brave, USA Network, NBC, and others. With these contents, it also includes original series as well like Spoilers, Up to Speed, A Day in Life, and Battleground. Hulu can be customized with add-ons like Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and HBO. But all of these are available at an additional monthly fee. 

Cost Comparison: Netflix and Hulu

For starters, yes, Hulu is cheaper, but you get to stream movies or shows on multiple devices at once. Hulu offers a basic plan at a cheaper cost but interrupts with annoying ads. If you are not bothered by the ads, then it is fine during your binge-watching. However, it is kind of nice when you get to share a screen at a lower price of $6. 

Netflix: it offers a three-tier subscription plan: Premium, Standard, and Basic. The first one comes with $9 per month with unlimited TV shows and movies. But they can be viewed in only SD quality on one device at the same time. The standard plan offers $14 per month, a much better option. The resolution rises to HD, and you get to stream at two devices at the same time. With a premium plan, you get 4K content to stream at four devices simultaneously. The premium plan costs $18 per month. 

Hulu: It also offers three-tier plans, but different from Netflix. The first plan comes with the lowest price of $6 per month with unlimited access to the content library. But it includes ads and can be annoying for some people. The second plan is ad-free at $12 per month, which is a better option. You can download shows or movies to watch offline with limited 4K resolution support. Here comes the third one, an expensive one. It contains access to 60+ live TV channels at the cost of $55 per month. 

Conclusion: Which streaming service is best for you?

For people who love to watch feature films and original content, Netflix is the best pick for you. Netflix offers some of the highest quality content for viewers with extensive licensed TV shows and movies. It supports 4K resolution in high-end plans for premium viewers. In addition, it offers to watch on multiple devices at the same time. 

Hulu is the best service for people who like to watch live channels and series available within 24 hours of original airing. It is cheaper compared to Netflix at the entry-level plan. With Hulu, you get add-ons like Disney Plus, ESPN, and others. 


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