Top 10 Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Right Now

The timing could not be better to get Amazon Prime subscription to binge-watch movies. We spend hours and hours surfing on browsers or scroll through the streaming services. And still, we could not find anything worth watching. We just wait for something to kick our minds in awe. Here, we have put together a list of exceptional and award-winner movies. These given choices will guide you to choose easily without scrolling hours on streaming services. 

Inception (2010)


For science fiction fans, the first choice to explore on Amazon Prime will be ‘Inception.’ The movie contains everything from the marvellous acting, fascinating storyline, and perfect star cast that would blow your mind away. The film director ‘Christopher Nolan’ has exceptionally shown the concept of traveling in dreams. The film follows the story of a team that steals information while capturing the particular in a dream. However, the way the film ends will leave you stunned and wondering for answers. 

Knives Out (2019)

kives out

Kines Out is an American movie released in 2019, which is based on the mystery murder case. The story follows certain events of a property dispute in the family. And where everyone is a suspect in the eyes of renowned detective Benoit Blanc. The story surrounds series of lies and red herrings from which the detective must uncover the truth. You will find amazing actors starring in it like Chris Evans and Daniel Craig.

Aliens (1986)


Aliens is a science fiction horror film that follows Ridley Scott’s chilling & action-packed adventure. There is no doubt that this movie rocks, and is one of the best science fiction pieces. The story follows Ellen Ripley, who is sent to the planet LV-426 to form a connection with a terraforming colony. The story directed by James Cameron is filled with surprising and wild rides. And you will surely enjoy the movie without blinking your eyes. 

Sound of Metal (2019)

sound of metal

An amazing and original piece of Amazon is an American drama film. The story follows a life of a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing. A heartfelt story has shown how a metal drummer learns to live his life all over again. The movies contain aspects of rebirth and empathy with the outstanding performance of ‘Riz Ahmed.’ 

The Mexican (2001)

the mexican

For adventure comedy lovers, it will be the perfect choice to explore. And if you love Brad Pitt, even better to pick this one for enjoyment. The movie contains a pleasant yet different story plot that will thicken as the story moves forward. Brad Pitt plays the role of Jerry Welbach, who has to supply an ancient gun across the border. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts as Samantha Barzel is trying to get him to quit criminal activities. 

One Night in Miami (2020)


One Night in Miami is directed by Regina King and made a commanding debut in direction. The movie is based on a historical drama set where extraordinary minds meet in a Florida hotel. The story follows an imagined discourse plot from those historical affairs. You will be stunned by the performances of Odom and Ben-Adir. 

Coming 2 America (2021)

coming to america

An absolute delight in the comedy genre with performance stunners. If you loved the first part ‘Coming to America,’ then you will love this one too. Comedy King Eddie Murphy once again makes us smile with his marvellous acting. The film follows the story of a royal family in Zamunda set out to find a rightful heir to the throne. As the newly crowned king Eddie Murphy joins the trip to America again to find his son. Well, not all fun facts can be revealed here, as it will destroy the plot of the movie. 

The Lighthouse (2019)


The Lighthouse is a movie with a unique and captivating horror drama that involves two lighthouse keepers. The story plot thickens as the two of them end up fighting each other for the sake of survival. The movie has shown aspects of how hard it is to remain sane on a remote and mysterious island. The movie was nominated for Oscar, as you can expect given the story, star, and plot. 

Instant Family (2018)


A movie that takes you up to the ride of emotional and comedy roller coaster with a lot of fun. There is no doubt that Rose Byrne is known as the unsung MVP of comedy movies. The story follows the life of a couple who decides to adopt kids instead of having their own. And the story begins with drama, happiness, sadness, and a lot of emotions that a person can go through. But the movie does not disappoint from any angle. It is definitely worth watching.

10Crawl (2019)


How would you feel if you are left alone in a town with a bunch of crocodiles roaming around? Well, you will get to have some experience while watching this movie. Every second of this movie will keep you on your toe. The story is about a father and daughter trying to leave the town after a hurricane hit it. But what happens, in the end, will remain a secret until you decide to watch the film yourself. One thing is worth noting that every second of this movie is worth your time. 

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